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Self Sterilizing Bottle

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Breastfeeding is an ideal method chosen instinctively by a newborn baby from the moment of its birth. This is why the LOVI Brand works to protect lactation and natural suckling reflex to ensure that mothers can breastfeed as long as possible.

Take advantage of our assistance for breastfeeding mothers on with our breastfeeding school video, helpful tools, articles and support of a lactation consultant available on the forum.


Lidia Mordarska,
Specialist in obstetrics, advisor to the nursing mothers support groups, clinical research coordinator
The most important thing is maintaining all strict safety standards and highest quality and using the best materials for the bottle and teat manufacturing. Moreover, it should be easy for the baby to combine different eating habits (breast and bottle), both in a situation where he is mainly breast-fed and his diet is only supplemented by an infant formula from a bottle and the other way round.
Sterilization in 90 seconds
Specially designed cap allows to sterilize the bottle and all of its component parts in just 90 seconds. Just pour the appropriate amount of water into it, put the top and teat with the holder attached into it, connect them to the bottle (by clicking them onto each other) and place to a properly set microwave oven. After a moment the bottle is ready for feeding. Provided with a dynamic teat for feeding mother’s milk that does not interfere with breastfeeding, does not impede the suckling reflex, does not discourage breast suckling, which is the best infant-feeding method. Compatible with LOVI Prolactis and Protect Breast Pumps. Now provided with the new SUPER vent air-release system.

Features of LOVI self-sterilizing bottle:

  • rapid sterilization in a microwave oven

  • protection of suckling reflex*

  • maintaining of suckling rhythm*

  • correct work of lips and tongue muscles*

  • correct suckling-swallowing-breathing coordination*

*) clinical trials on a group of 607 infants aged between 0-12 months carried out with the involvement of medical practitioners, nurses, midwives and parents

Product details:

The hood/cap for sterilization
Pour an ppropriate amount of water into the cap, place all parts in it, cover the bottle and place in a microwave oven for 90 seconds.
Dynamic teat
Teat made of heterogeneous silicone layers: a thin tip and a hard base. Teat's tip made of a thin layer of silicone. Expands and contracts to the baby's suckling rhythm, stimulates the muscles of its mouth to exert effort extensively and actively. The baby has to try hard to suck milk from the teat. The hard base made of a thicker layer of silicone enables a stable and wide position of baby’s lips on the teat.
Profiled bottle shape
Provides a stable support for the lips and prevents biting the base of the teat. The profiled shape and width of its base appropriately selected by medical practitioners forces the baby to arrange its lips and makes its mouth always stay at the right position.      
Food storage container
Sealing disc changes the bottle into the food storage container.

* teat design is modelled on a woman’s breast.

In set:
  • LOVI bottle

  • LOVI dynamic teat mini – 150 ml (0 m+), mini 250 ml (previous version) or slow (3m+) (SUPER vent bottle)

  • Flexible sealing disc

  • Screw cap

  • The hood for sterilization in microwave oven

  • Tongs

  • Cup for feeding

NOTE: The LOVI brand recommends breastfeeding as the healthiest feeding method. It recommends to start using an alternative feeding method  only after consulting your medical practitioner, midwife or pharmacist if breastfeeding is impossible or insufficient.

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Karmienie piersią jest jedynym naturalnym sposobem żywienia niemowląt i żaden preparat zastępujący mleko kobiece nie posiada identycznych właściwości, co mleko kobiece.
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