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NDT SLT Senior Tutor Aleksandra Łada,
Nutrition Disorders and Early Childhood Communication Development Specialist. University lecturer in clinical speech therapy.
While using a soother observe the following principles of hygiene and safety:

1. start using a soother when the child begins to suck his thumb;

2. a soother should not be used by the child for more than two hours per day;

3. a soother should be regularly washed and scalded;

4. do not hang a soother on your baby's neck as there is a risk of suffocation, use a chain or a pendant intended for this purpose;

5. use a soother only when the child really needs it - while getting him to sleep, when he is irritated or cries louder and louder;

6. do not dip a soother in honey, sugar and other foods.

Safety and hygiene
The holder is equipped with a practical clip which makes it possible to conveniently and reliably fix the soother to baby's clothing, protecting it against becoming soiled or lost once the baby gets more active.

Product details:

A stable clip

Practial and stable mechanism protects the holder against detaching from baby's clothing.

Convenient fastener

The holder can be easily attached, even with one hand, thanks to a simple clip


Rounded shape eliminates the risk of scratches or cuts.


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LOVI Soother Holder

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