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Medical examination of the LOVI bottle with a dynamic teat

Assessment of the suckling function (as during breastfeeding)
Assessment of feeding physiology: patterns of breathing, swallowing, ease of combining breast and bottle feeding and reducing colic
Child-friendly product
General assessment of the LOVI bottle with a dynamic teat


Medical examination of the LOVI bottle with a dynamic teat on a group of 607 infants aged 0-12 months, conducted among doctors, nurses and midwives and 607 parents of infants aged 0-12 months (in Polish hospitals and paediatric clinics) confirmed the unique features of the natural process of suckling resembling breastfeeding:

  • keeping the natural rhythm of suckling (as at the breast)

  • proper coordination of suckling - swallowing - breathing (as at the breast)

  • active work of the muscles of the lips and tongue (as at the breast)

  • suckling efficiency (as at the breast)

of doctors did not notice any difficulties in combining breastfeeding with the LOVI bottle feeding

of doctors confirmed the natural rhythm of suckling (as at breastfeeding)


Development of results: Aleksandra Łada MD, Clinical neuro-speech therapist, Nutrition Disorders and Early Childhood Communication Development Specialist / NDT SLT Senior Tutor


Feeding with the LOVI bottle with a dynamic teat enables:

  • protection of natural sucking reflex,

  • safe combination of breast and bottle feeding (does not disturb the natural rhythm of suckling),

  • active work during bottle feeding, just like while breastfeeding,

  • intensive work of breathing apparatus and stimulating the muscles responsible for the development of speech and bite,

  • proper breathing through the nose during feeding, minimizing the risk of colic.

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