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Transparent like glass, safe for breastfeeding
Exclusive version of LOVI bottle for feeding of mother’s expressed milk. Made from the highest quality of revolutionary material transparent like a glass and safe for a baby (BPA free). Extremely resistant to damage. It has enhanced air-release system. It is safe for breastfeeding (does not impede the suckling reflex, does not discourage breast suckling, which is the best infant-feeding method). Designed and tested by doctors. Compatible with breast pumps LOVI Prolactis and LOVI Protect. Now provided with the new SUPER vent air-release system.

Features of bottle with dynamic teat LOVI confirmed in medical study:

  • protection of  suckling reflex

  • maintaining of suckling rhythm

  • correct work of lips and tongue muscles

  • correct suckling-swallowing-breathing coordination

*) clinical trials on a group of 607 infants aged between 0-12 months carried out with the involvement of medical practitioners, nurses, midwives and parents

Product details:

Revolutionary material of the bottle
(PA) as transparent as glass and at the same time safe for a baby (BPA free). Extremely resistant to damage and high sterilization temperature.
Dynamic tip
Made of a thin layer of silicone. Expands and contracts to the baby's suckling rhythm, stimulates the muscles of the mouth to exert effort extensively and actively. The baby has to try hard to suck milk from the teat.
Hard, wide, profiled base

Made of a thicker layer of silicone. Provides a stable support for the lips and prevents biting the base of the teat. The profiled shape and width of its base appropriately selected by medical practitioners forces the baby to arrange its lips and make its mouth always stay at the right position.      
Inner ducts
Created by internal protrusions when the teat is suckled. They regulate the flow and pressure of milk in the teat.
Anti-colic system in the teat
Special vent (new SUPER vent system) in the teat collar eliminates mixing of food and the air. Before first use, make sure that the vent is not stuck closed by gently stretching it between your fingers.
Profiled bottle shape
It makes it easier to hold the bottle and feed the food in a safe position, in harmony with baby’s natural suckling rhythm that is similar to that developed while breastfeeding.
Breast milk container
Sealing disc changes the bottle into the food storage container.
Cup for feeding
Has special scale and profiled rim for safe milk and medicine application to newborns and infants.

* teat design is modelled on a woman’s breast.

In set:
  • Medical+ bottle 150/250ml

  • Dynamic teat LOVI mini (0m+)

  • Flexible sealing disc

  • Screw cap

  • Cup for feeding

NOTE: The LOVI brand recommends breastfeeding as the healthiest feeding method. It recommends to start using an alternative feeding method  only after consulting your medical practitioner, midwife or pharmacist if breastfeeding is impossible or insufficient.


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