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Heat pack

MD Barbara Leszczyńska,
Expressed milk in a container or a bottle should be heated in a pan of hot water or a bottle warmer. Do not heat the milk in a microwave oven, as it warms food in a non-uniform manner and the baby's mouth can get burned.
Food warming without power supply
The perfect way to warm milk/ food during a long walk or a trip. It can serve both as a traditional bottle warmer and a heat pack. Work without power supply. To use it again, just place the gel insert into boiling water for 15 minutes and press "start" button on the go.

Features of LOVI heat pack:

  • innovative - works without using electricity

  • functional - warms milk/food and maintains the temperature up to 2 hours

  • effective - in 20 minutes warms 150 ml of milk up to 36°C

  • easy in use - just press the "start" button

  • universal - fits most of feeding bottles

Product details:

Heat pack
Heats the milk/ food without power supply 150 ml of milk/ food in 20 minutes up to 36°C. Just wrap the bottle with heat pack, put into the insulating fabric pouch and press "start" button.
Start function
After pressing the "start" button the process of warimg crystalization takes place inside. The liquid hardens and heats.
Insulating fabric pouch
Made of durable and easy to clean material. Keeps the warm up to 2 hours.


In set:
  • Heat pack

  • Extra value! - Insulating fabric pouch for free

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