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Universal bottle warmer

MD Barbara Leszczyńska,
Expressed milk in a container or a bottle should be heated in a pan of hot water or a bottle warmer. Do not heat the milk in a microwave oven, as it warms food in a non-uniform manner and the baby's mouth can get burned.
Warm food always at hand
Safe method of food warming. Equipped with modern thermostat, which allows you to keep the set temperature for a long time. Protect milk/ food from overheating and loss of vital minerals and vitamins.

Features of LOVI bottle warmer:

  • automatically sets the heating time

  • maintains appropriate temperature

  • fast - heats the food quickly

  • universal - suitable for warming most types of bottles

  • comfortable - includes feeding bowl with lid for warming thick food

  • safe - indicates proper food temperature

Product details:

Modern thermostat
Selects automatically the heating time. Allows you to warm and maintain milk/ food temperature safely and quickly. Protect food from overheating.
Food readiness indicator
Indicates the correct food temperature.
Universal capacity

Fits most bottles and jars.
Bowl with a lid
Allows to warm baby soups and smoothies.
Changing color spoons
Added for free to each bottle warmer. Spoons change color with the change of food temperature.


In set:
  • Bottle warmer

  • Bowl with lid

  • Extra value! - 2 changing color spoons for free

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