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Multifunctional bottle

10/830, 10/810

Multifunctional bottle with a spoon received the "Best for a child 2009" title from the readers of "Dziecko/The CHild" monthly, in the feeding accessories category.


Comfortable feeding at home and on the walk
Multifunctional bottle is suitable for serving first porridges, soups etc. Made of soft silicone. Simply squeeze the bottle and an appropriate serving of food should flow out straight onto the spoon, without making its bottom dirty. Bottle is equipped with cup for feeding with scale, brush for cleaning the spoon and flexible sealing disc for making food storage container. For application thicker food you can buy bowl spoon with bigger slot. Compatible with breast pump LOVI Prolactis and LOVI Protect.

Silicone multifunctional LOVI bottle enables:

  • comfortable feeding with bowl spoon

  • food storage and transportation

Product details:

Soft bowl spoon
Does not irritate gentle child's gums. Bottle equipped with bowl spoon with smaller slot (4m+). Bowl spoon with bigger slot (6m+) for thicker food application is available separately.
Soft silicone bottle

After sqeezing the bottle food comes out onto the spoon.
Food storage container
Elastic, safe material (silicone) and soft sealing disc make the bottle suitable for storage, freezing and heating the food.
Baby feeding cup
Ideal for learning drinking and medicine and  fruit mousse application.
Brush for cleaning the slot in the soft bowl spoon
Removes the food remians in hard to reach places.
Soft bowl soopn with larger slot
Sold separately. Allows thicker soups and mousse application.


In set:
  • Silicone bottle LOVI 120/230ml

  • Soft bowl spoon with smaller slot

  • Flexible sealing disc

  • Screw cap

  • Cup for feeding

  • Brush  

NOTE: The LOVI brand recommends breastfeeding as the healthiest feeding method. It recommends to start using an alternative feeding method  only after consulting your medical practitioner, midwife or pharmacist if breastfeeding is impossible or insufficient.

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