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Baby feeding cup

NDT SLT Senior Tutor Aleksandra Łada,
Nutrition Disorders and Early Childhood Communication Development Specialist. University lecturer in clinical speech therapy.
During feeding from a cup the baby should be in a reclining position, and never lying. Place the cup on the lower lip and wait until the child places his lower lip tightly under the cup rim and moves the upper lip suckling the milk and transporting it with his tongue inside the mouth. Gently squeeze the cup and tilt it so that the child suckles the milk and not drinks it. Let the child suckle the milk, and do not pour it into his mouth!
Feeding newborns and breastfed babies
Recommended by speech therapists safe method of feeding breastfed newborns and infants. Recommended for medicine and breast milk application. Does not interfere suckling rhythm. It serves also as first cup for learning drinking from an open cup.

Features of cup for feeding

  • safe for breastfeeding

  • flexible

  • transparent

Product details:

Profiled rim
Facilitates proper positioning of the lips and suckling fluid from the cup.
Allows for precise dosing of the fluid.
Transparent material
Enables fluid intake control.
Flexible material
Facilitates squeezing of the cup and dispensing small portion of fluid to prevent choking.


In set:

Cup for feeding is not sold separately. It is available as a part of all kinds of LOVI bottles, traning and non-spill cups.

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