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LOVI Protect Manual Breast Pump


The results of study conducted in cooperation with hospitals in Cracow and Siemianowice Śląskie confirmed: breast pumps LOVI Protect allow for comfort expressing without effort in 80% of mums participated in study.*

*) Study of LOVI Prolactis and LOVI Protect breast pumps on a group of 40 women, supervised by midwives and lactation consultants.

The members of the medical personnel from Ujastek hospital in Cracow, Poland,

"Medical professionals at Ujastek hospital consider the LOVI manual breast pump a product that adequately meets the expectations related to expressing milk and maintaining lactation in women not reporting major problems with lactation.

An extremely helpful feature of these breast pumps, providing additional comfort of expressing, is the possibility to adjust the suction force. In case of more complex lactation problems or hampered milk let down, the hospital medical professionals recommend using the electronic breast pump LOVI Prolactis."

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Primary protection of lactation
Two phase LOVI Protect Manual Breast Pump is a basic lactation support for mothers who express milk and do not experience major lactation problems. It helps in solving small lactation problems. Natural and gentle expressing without effort. Tested in cooperation with hospitals.

Features of LOVI Protect:

  • natural - reflects the two-phase suckling pattern

  • comfortable - allows effortless expressing, even with one finger

  • gentle - thanks to adjusting the suckling force and the massaging cushion

Product details:

Regulation of suction strenght
Allows for adujsting the suction strenght to individual mum's needs and gentle, painless expressing.
Two phases of milk expression
Setting the handle on first alignment enables fast,shallow movments, stimulating milk flow. Setting the handle on second alignment enables deeper, more powerful expressing resembling active suckling.
Ergonomic, non-slip handle
Works quietly and allows for effortless milk expression even with one finger.
Massage cushion
Stimulates milk flow and allows gentle milk expression.
Food storage accessories
Flexible sealing disc, screw cap and bottle allow for safe milk/food storage  and baby feeding after replacing the disc by dynamic teat LOVI.
Case for breast pump
Allows for convenient and safebreast pump  transportation.


In set:
  • Breast pump with Medcial+ bottle 150ml

  • Handle

  • Membrane

  • Case

  • Food storage accessories

  • Spare parts

For free:

  • 6 pcs of breast pads

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