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LOVI Prolactis Electronic Breast Pump


The results of study conducted in cooperation with hospitals in Cracow and Siemianowice Śląskie confirmed: breast pumps LOVI Prolactis are professional support in solving serious lactation problems.

The members of the medical personnel from Ujastek hospital in Cracow, Poland,

"Medical professionals at Ujastek hospital consider the electronic LOVI Prolactis breast pump very useful and effective in solving most of the lactation related problems.

They are extremely effective in supporting the lactation process, and express milk even in cases of severe milk stasis.

Adjustable suction force allows for painless milk expressing even with severly injured nipples."

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Professional protection of lactation
Two phase electronic breast pump LOVI Prolactis is a professional support in solving lactation problems. It is also a perfect product for mums regularly expressing milk. It reflects the natural way of 2-phase suckling pattern (stimulation and deep suckling phases) and expresses more milk in shorter time.

Features of breast pump PROLACTIS confirmed in hospital coordinated study*:

  • Effective solution of the lactation problems in 85% of mums

  • Fast and efficient expressing in 90% of mums

  • Painless expressing in 95% of mums

*) Study of LOVI Prolactis and LOVI Protect breast pumps on a group of 40 women, supervised by midwives and lactation consultants.

Product details:

2-phase suckling pattern (stimulation and deep suckling)
Two phases of expression reflect natural suckling rhythm. Stimulation imitates fast suckling movments of baby stimulating milk production and let down. Deep suckling reflects slower, deeper, efficient suckling of milk.
Precise control of suction power settings

Allow for proper setting and observation of 8-stage suction strenght range. Electronic display helps to observe changes in suction strenght settings during next sessions of milk expression in longer period of time.

Manual expression accessories
With components for manual pumping electronic breast pump Prolactis easily turns into manual breast pump Protect. You can use breast pump in situations not requiring regular bigger amount of milk expression.
Intelligent memory of suckling rhythm and force settings
Remembers individual preferences of breastfeeding mother.
Alarm, clock and expressing time display
  Indicates the time of the expressing session, helps to identify what time is the most effective for milk expression.
Massage cushion
Stimulates production and milk flow. Enables gentle and effective expression.
Battery and mains power supply options
Allows expression anywhere.
Food storage accessories
Flexible sealing disc, screw cap and bottle allow for safe milk/food storage  and baby feeding after replacing the disc by LOVI Dynamic Teat.
Case for the breast pump
Equipped with convenient undo stripe and compartments preventing the breast pump movement while travelling.


In set:
  • Electric Pump main unit
  • Breast pump with Medical+ bottle 150ml
  • Food storage accessories (sealing disc, screw cap, cup for feeding)
  • Parts for manual expression
  • AC adapter
  • Case for the breast pump
  • Spare parts

In addition, for free:

  • 10 pcs of breast pads
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