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Learn about the benefits for your child and you coming from breastfeeding.
Learn how to breastfeed and how to overcome the problems associated with lactation.
Our tools and articles are consulted by experts
dr Aleksandra Łada,
PhD, Clinical Speech Therapist
dr Agata Serwatowska-Bargieł,
PhD, International Lactation Specialist, Neonatologist
lek. med. Danuta Chrzanowska-Liszewska,
NEW! Diamond Glass Bottle
The nature friendly glass bottle LOVI Diamond Glass – the highest quality and hygiene for your baby!

Glass bottle LOVI Diamond Glass

It is safe for natural feeding (it does not disturb the sucking reflex) and made of natural, healthy material: borosilicate glass (BPA 0%).

Equipped with a dynamic teat which elongates and contracts according to the baby’s suckling rhythm, stimulates the muscles of the mouth to exert effort extensively and actively.

This is the bottle for the most demanding parents, extremely resistant to damage, durable and hygienic. It also maintains the milk's temperature for a long time.

Now available!

Three designs with long-lasting imprint (150 ml/250 ml). Compatible with breast pumps LOVI Prolactis and LOVI Protect.

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