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Learn about the benefits for your child and you coming from breastfeeding.
Learn how to breastfeed and how to overcome the problems associated with lactation.
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Troubleshooting of breastfeeding...
Breastfeeding, especially in the beginning, can pose some problems. Many of them are the result of improper latching the baby on. Even if a child suckles properly, a nursing mother may have unpleasant experiences. Here you can find how to deal with breast fullness, milk stasis and other breastfeeding problems.
When should you start going to children’s activity classes?
If you have a little rebel at home you should think about going to classes in a group of your child’s peers. This is a good opportunity to develop their social skills and actively support their development through play.
Zasady i pozycje karmienia butelką
Karmienie butelką podobnie jak karmienie piersią wymaga przygotowania. Ważne jest nie tylko odpowiednie przygotowanie mleka, ale również zadbanie o właściwą pozycję podczas karmienia oraz ułożenie butelki w dłoni.
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