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Learn about the benefits for your child and you coming from breastfeeding.
Learn how to breastfeed and how to overcome the problems associated with lactation.
Our tools and articles are consulted by experts
dr Aleksandra Łada,
PhD, Clinical Speech Therapist
dr Agata Serwatowska-Bargieł,
PhD, International Lactation Specialist, Neonatologist
lek. med. Danuta Chrzanowska-Liszewska,
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Expressing milk
Expressing is not easy for every woman. You need to learn it and not to get discouraged by the initial failures. We will show you how to begin manual expressions and how to use electric breast pump. If you manage to express a few small portions of milk during the day they may be combined into one larger portion.
Feeding liquid to babies from a cup
Feeding liquid to newborns and infants from a cup is the form of feeding that is often used in hospitals, which does not interfere with breastfeeding. You can also apply it at home, following the rules that we show in our film.
First attempts at bottle-feeding
When parents decide that their child will be bottled-fed instead breastfed, they often do not realize that their baby may not accept their decision. Some babies fiercely protest against being bottle-fed and do not want take the teat into their mouth. What should you do in that situation?
Going to cinema with your baby
To cater for the needs of the youngest cinema goers cinemas prepare special conditions in the auditoria where films for the parents are screened. Please see the report from a film screening at the Multibabykino.
Is bottle-feeding a worse solution?
All experts agree that breastfeeding is the best method to feed a newborn baby. It is not, however, always possible for a mum to breastfeed her baby.
Kino z niemowlakiem
Na potrzeby najmłodszych widzów kina przygotowują specjalne warunki na salach kinowych, gdzie prezentowane są filmy dla rodziców. Zobacz reportaż z seansu w Multibabykinie.
Kubeczek do pojenia
Pojenie kubeczkiem dla noworodków i niemowląt to często stosowana w szpitalach forma karmienia, która nie koliduje z karmieniem piersią. Możesz ją również stosować w domu, stosując zasady, które pokazujemy w filmie.
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