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Learn about the benefits for your child and you coming from breastfeeding.
Learn how to breastfeed and how to overcome the problems associated with lactation.
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dr Aleksandra Łada,
PhD, Clinical Speech Therapist
dr Agata Serwatowska-Bargieł,
PhD, International Lactation Specialist, Neonatologist
lek. med. Danuta Chrzanowska-Liszewska,
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Baby sign language
How can you communicate with your baby who cannot speak yet? Using the simplest baby sign language words :-).
Basen z niemowlakiem
Już z kilkumiesięcznym bobasem możesz przyjść na basen. To wspaniała okazja do wspólnej zabawy oraz wspierania rozwoju malucha.
Jak porozumieć się z maluszkiem, który jeszcze nie mówi? Za pomocą najprostszych słów języka migowego:-)
Bottle-feeding problems
There are babies who are happy to drink from a bottle, and those who cause many problems for their parents while they are feeding them. Both types of babies need to receive their daily serving of milk. How, then, can you overcome these problems?
Bottle-feeding rules and positions
Similarly to breastfeeding, bottle-feeding requires preparation. It is not only essential to properly prepare the milk, but it is also important to ensure the correct position while bottle-feeding and properly hold the bottle in the hand.
Bottle-feeding your baby
There is a very wide selection of bottles and teats with different applications and for children of all ages available in the market today - which further complicates the choice of the best suited ones. How, then, can you choose a good bottle and appropriate teat for your baby?
Breast Care
Contrary to the concerns of many women, breastfeeding does not mean that the breasts lose firmness and beauty. But you need to care about them and start already when you are pregnant.
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