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About LOVI

Breastfeeding is the ideal that the child instinctively selects from the moment of birth.  That is why, LOVI works to protect lactation and the natural suckling reflex.

Cooperating with eminent specialists in the field of lactation, neonatology and neuro-speech therapy, the LOVI brand creates innovative products constituting the necessary assistance for mothers who are breastfeeding, as well as products for alternative feeding and soothing, safe for the baby's natural suckling reflex.

Safety guarantee is provided by the results of medical examinations involving large groups of infants, recommendations of doctors and awards granted to LOVI products by professors of medical sciences. We are trusted by experts, trust us as well. Use our breastfeeding support.

Basing on the analysis of the problems faced by nursing mothers, we have prepareda unique program called "Feeding School" representing professional help with breastfeeding: a video school of feeding, breastfeeding course, lactation support, expert advice on the forum and helpful articles.

Three areas of LOVI brand competence
  1. Lactation protection

  2. Protection of natural sucking reflex

  3. Supporting the active development of the baby

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